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Ocean Renewal Facial

A relaxing facial for all skin types

Ocean Renewal Facial R200

Without steaming and extractions

Ocean Deep Cleanse Facial

A thorough, irreplaceable deep cleanse treatment that will eliminate blackheads and congestion on the skin leaving it feeling extremely clean and fresh

Ocean Deep Cleanse Facial R450

Steaming and extractions

Pilaten Purifyng Facial

Are you smothered by ugly blackheads and spots on your nose and face? This black suction peel off mask is made from a black purifying gel that extracts all dirt and grime straight from the pores. Mask restores skins natural glow by erasing dull dead skin and pore clogging oil. Plumps skin, delivers intense hydration by attracting and retaining moisture from water in the air

Pilaten Purifyng Facial R450

Gold Facial

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Makes complexion lighter. Stimulates the circulation of the skin. Stimulates regeneration of the skin. Used to aid with acne. Reduces the visibility of the scars. Increases skin elasticity. Skin feels smooth and firm

Gold Skin Facial R500

24k Gold facial Mask

This is the ultimate luxurious anti aging treatment which helps improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful looking complexion. The 24K Gold Mask gives an opulent radiant glow, locking in moisture for ultra skin hydration

24k Gold Caviar Mask Facial R600

Bella Zay Facial

A unique bio activated formula which is designed to give you a perfectly bright and smooth skin tone

Bella Zay Brightening Facial R690
De Tan Facial R1200

4D Anti-Aging Facial R900

Dermaquest Peels

• Mangobrite - A delicious exfoliating treatment which aids in lightening the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots

• Power Pumpkin Peel - An advanced treatment which is excellent for hyper-pigmented and acne prone skin. This treatment uses acids and pumpkin pulp to create a strong heat response on the skin

• Lactic Acid Peel - This peel is ideal for sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, the lactis resurfacer actively exfoliates for an even skin tone

Dermaquest Peel R900

Dermaquest Fresh Up Green Peel

The Celebrities Choice. The Only Spa offering Green Peel in KZN. Achieve stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs that provide better blood circulation. Can be done on all skin types. Prevention against premature aging & loss of elasticity.

Dermaquest Fresh Up Green Peel R1500